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Blake and Kia

Blake (male 6yrs) and Kia (female 7yrs) have always been together. We rescued them from the RSPCA 3 years ago. They are both neutered and up to date with their vaccinations. We will only rehome them if they can stay together, they become distressed if they're apart.
They're fit and lively dogs and enjoy runs on the beach and chasing birds in the garden. They love coming indoors to sit with us as a treat but they usually live outside with free roam of the garden and a large dog run with kennel to sleep in.

Name Blake And Kia
Breed Staffie Cross & Patterdale Cross
Sex Male
Size Medium
Age 7 & 6
Neutered Yes

Good with kids?

Good with children 11 + as they can be quite boisterous when playing.

Good with other dogs/animals?


About the owner

Family of four, two adults and twin 1 year olds.

Reason for rehoming

We've tried desperately to think of every possible option other than re-homing but with our current circumstances we think it would be in Blake and Kia's best interest to find a new family that can give them the care they deserve. We have had to relocate for my partner's work and will be staying in a company apartment for the first 6 months with our twin 1 year olds. My parents have offered to look after the dogs as best they can but as they already have two yorkies (that don't get on with ours one bit) it's not a permanent solution. Blake and Kia will be sleeping in my parents garage and will have access to the garden at intervals when the yorkies are safely locked indoors. If the arrangement is too problematic, we'll have to keep them in kennels until a new home can be arranged. As you can imagine this upcoming period is going to be very stressful on them. They are accustomed to having a large garden to themselves and have never stayed in kennels or even been looked after by anyone else since they've been in our care. It's a very difficult set of circumstances and we've gone round and round thinking of possible solutions. In the end we have to do what's best for Blake and Kia. We don't want them to spend too long in either a garage or a kennel. They're really lovely dogs and we'd like to see them go to a loving home that can provide the stability we're no longer able to offer.

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