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All pets must be fully up to date with their vaccinations before they can stay with us. If in doubt, please check with your vet as we are unable to accept cats or dogs without a valid dog vaccination card - we need to see an entry on your pet's card within the last twelve months.

Dogs must also be treated with either Bronchishield or Nobivac KC to help prevent infectious bronchitis (kennel cough) before we can accept them.


Each pet has their own individual personality and behaves differently from others. In order that we can best care for  your pet please inform us about your pets temperament whether they are friendly, timid, excitable or very importantly if they can be aggressive or have bitten anyone or another animal.

Medical History & Medication

It is very important that we are informed of your petÂ’s medical history. Please inform us of any changes in health since your pet last stayed with us.

If your pet is on any medication it is important the dosage and frequency is clearly communicated to us in writing and that we are informed about the underlying medical problem.

When you drop your pet off please alert our staff to any symptoms that your pet may display due to health problems.  This enables us to pay special attention to their condition and any other health related issues they may have.

Feeding & Special Diets

We provide a wide range of dog and cat food already in stock. If our food range does not cover your animals diet then you may bring your own food clearly labelled up. We are unable to cook food but owners may bring food that has been pre-cooked, bagged in meal size portions, clearly labelled and frozen.

Please  state the amount of food given per meal and the frequency of feeding.

We feed in the morning, mid day and evening depending on when your pet is fed at home.

Please let us know any change of diet before each visit.

We top up your pets water dish continuously throughout the day. If your pet is collected just after feeding please ensure a plentiful supply of water on returning home especially if being fed a dry complete food.

Please let us know if bloat is a problem.

Bedding & Toys

All your own belongings should be clearly labelled. You should only bring items that we can dispose of, in case they become badly chewed or damaged. Please do not bring items of sentimental or high monetary value as we cannot guarantee their safe return.

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